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For retail chains. No location limits. No API limits.

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No restrictions for chains

No location limits

No limit on number of locations or number of GMB accounts - suitable for Chains and Franchises with any number of locations (even 100+).

No API limits

No limit on API – works with API disabled locations. Post to multiple locations at once or schedule posting in advance.

Problems chains are facing

Location and API limits

Big chains and franchises with multiple locations are currently unable to post to automatically to 'Google My Business' due to API and location limits - any chain/franchise with 10+ location is unable to automate posting due to API disabling

Brandesto circumvents this issue through their proprietary QADAH system. This allows multi location stores to automate their posts. Since QADAH is not a bot, it is safe to use by chains and franchises.

Is my API enabled?

To know if your business is eligible to schedule posts to multiple locations, just rung the 'free analyser tool'. The analyser would give you the detailed analysis of your locations registered with GMB including the number of locations which have API enabled, locations that are live (or not live).

Multiple locations

Unlimited locations

Suitable for Chains and Franchises of any size. No limit on number of locations - works even if you have 100+ locations.

Chains & Franchises

Suitable for chains, franchises, retail shops with one or many outlets and ecommerce. Brandesto platform allows automatic posting to GMB for Chains and Franchises (even if they are facing limitations in auto-posting).

Bulk Verification

If your business has 10+ locations, you can use Google's bulk verification to easily add, verify and manage 'Google My Business' profile for those locations. We can help you get through this at no cost. Please contact us to know more.

Posts scheduler


Post to all your GMB locations automatically - no need to log in to each account. Schedule all your offers, deals, events in advance through our built-in marketing calendar. Automate and schedule GMB Posts. Supports Offer, Standard and Event Posts.

Automatic reposts

Brandesto automatically reposts to all your GMB locations until the expiry of your posts (overcomes the issue where Google deletes posts every 7days). This also helps in local SEO.

Promote your business

Google Local Search

Scheduling and automatically Posting offers and deals to your 'Google My Business' account using Brandesto platform helps improve local ranking on Google. Such posts are shown in a number of places across Google Maps and Google Search results.

Advertising on 'Google My Business'

Scheduling Posts to your 'Google My Business' account is a good advertisement and can be used to target existing customers as well as those just interested and deciding to visit your shop. Schedule attractive offers/deals post to make them decide in your favour.

Local Business Optimization

Regular posts to your 'Google My Business' account and updating and maintaining your 'Google My Business' profile is crucial in achieving the best local online presence. The free Brandesto platform helps you achieve this by automating cumbersome tasks.

'Google My Business' and SEO

'Google My Business' is one of the important factors that affect the SEO of your business. Scheduled Offers/Deals posts are a great way to improve your overall SEO strategy, in addition to keep your customers engaged and informed.

Brandesto platform

What is Brandesto

Brandesto is a free marketing platform. Retail businesses can use offers, deals, etc. to enhance their local marketing and attract customers.
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Benefits to your shop

Using Brandesto could Boost your turnover, engage existing customers and Improve your brand.
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Is it possible to post to unlimited locations?
Yes, it is possible to post to unlimited locations. We use proprietary QADAH technology to post to all locations of your business.
Is Brandesto suitable for chains/franchises with large number of locations?
Yes, chains/ franchises with many locations can choose to schedule through Brandesto.


Free for small retailers

Brandesto scheduler is free for your shop, if you are a retailer operating from a single location. No startup costs or monthly commitments.

Pay for what you use

Even if you are operating from multiple locations there are no startup costs or monthly commitments. Pay for what you use, from just $0.09 per post.

What we offer

Brandesto allows you to automatically schedule and post your latest offers, promotions and updates directly to 'Google My Business'. These posts appear to your customers when they search on Google search as well as Google maps. Posting regularly to GMB helps increase SEO for your shops site as well as help boost search ranking.


Regularly updating what's new through GMB keeps your customers engaged and turn searchers into customers. Benefits of regular updates to your all your 'Google My Business' listings:

  • Lets people searching take notice of your business
  • Re-target Regular or Occasional Customers
  • Increase traffic to your site, though the inbuilt call-to actions
  • Helps increase Google ranking

Simple setup

Account setup is easy: Just connect your 'Google My Business' accounts in Brandesto.
And it is very easy to schedule posts:
Step 1: Create GMB posts using the simple editor.
Step 2: Just press ‘post’ button after choosing date to post and the locations where they should appear.

For whom

  • chains or franchises with any number of locations
  • retail shops with one or more branches
  • marketing agencies
  • SEO consultants

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Free for retail shops

Brandesto platform is free for retail businesses with one location.


Schedule GMB posts in advance through the built-in marketing calendar. Automate your local marketing.

Offers & deals

Plan offers & deals ahead of time - let Brandesto automatically post to your GMB. Automatic reposts to keep your GMB profile fresh.

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