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Attract consumers searching online on Google Search and Google Maps.

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Automate the process of attracting new customers and engaging them.

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Brandesto platform

Customise Google Search results for your business location. Promote offers & deals when they search.

Google My Business

Post your offers, deals and specials to all your 'Google My Business' locations at once.

Google Adwords

Easily run 'Google Adwords' campaigns for your offers, deals and specials. Fully automated. For all your locations.

What is Brandesto

Free marketing platform for retail businesses. Brandesto utilises the offers, deals, specials and new product/service arrivals from your shop to engage your customers. Equip your retail business with online tools to attract and engage customers.


Brandesto works with retailers to understand their bottlenecks, needs and wants to design and develop technology solutions. Register now to start using the free tools for your business.


Attract and capture the attention of prospective customers. Show them what's hot in your shop right now. Engage an audience of online searchers and convert them to customers. Brandesto platform is free, forever.

Who is this for?

Brandesto is for retail businesses that:

  • are looking for automated online marketing
  • don't have enough time (too busy with day-to-day activities)
  • are less proficient in online marketing, and need automation
  • wish to promote to existing and new customers

How it works

At the heart of Brandesto is automated to attract and engage your customers. Brandesto publishes offers, deals and specials from your shop to Google Search results and Google Maps. Submit once and let Brandesto publish to Google Adwords and Google My Business. When consumers search for your business, Brandesto customises your Google Search results. Your latest offers & deals are promoted to top of the search results. These offers & deals are also shown in your Google My Business panel in your locality.

Benefits for your shop

Attract customers. Engage them to visit your shop more often. Brandesto platform and tools are free for retail shops. It's designed to attract customers through online technologies.

Improvements to brand

Brandesto helps in:

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Showing your customers that you're ahead of the curve
  • Improving access to your business, no matter where your customers are

Engage existing customers

Brandesto platform engages your customers and prospects:

  • Showcase your offers and deals through Google Search and Google Maps
  • Update customers of any today's specials, happy hour and general information

Boost your turnover

Automate your Google marketing and customer engagement. This, in effect, increases your shop's revenue by:

  • Showcasing your offers and deals
  • Promoting your business online
  • Targeting bargain hunters

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