Brandesto Platform and Tools

Brandesto tools are designed to assist marketing of your shop by increasing exposure online. The tools work seamlessly and enhance your customer's shopping experience.

Brandesto platform is completely free for your shop. It is a collection of tools which can be managed through an easy-to-use centralised dashboard. The tools are automated and are built to improve your business.

Brandesto Google Locations publisher

Enhance your "Google My Business" listing on Google search page by presenting latest offers/deals, new product arrivals and today's specials that you submit via the Brandesto Dashboard.

Promote your business locally

  • Enhance local marketing by promoting new products, announcing offers and deals.
  • Automatically post your latest offers, deals, specials on your "Google My Business" listings.
  • Each of your branches/locations will show the postings on their own 'Google My Business' listing, thereby engaging local consumers.

Show up in Google Search Results

  • Shows posts to customers through Google's search results.
  • Google can also show these in Google Map search results as well as in 'Google's Local 3-Pack' in the first page of a Google search.
  • Rank higher on Google Search results: Regular posts to Google could increase your ranking in Google Search results. This means that your customers can find your business quicker and easier.

Attract offers & bargain hunters

  • Retarget your customers. These posts and new product alerts could prompt your customers to visit your store.
  • Drive traffic to your business. Call-To-Actions on your posts encourage visitors to call your business, check out your website or social profile.

Engage customers

  • Improve customer experience with timely information.
  • Appeal to your customers with engaging photos.
  • Bring in customers by sharing helpful information.
  • Keep them coming back by posting regular updates.

Brandesto Google Adwords publisher

Publish your latest offers/deals, new product arrivals and today's specials to "Google Adwords". Fully automated. These will run as ad campaigns in your Google Adwords account.

Automated Adwords ads

  • Automate posting Adwords ads.
  • Add once and post to all your shop locations automatically.
  • Group all your shop locations as regions for easy management of offers & deals.
  • Set and forget. Set calendar for the month, and Brandesto does the rest. You can update your schedule at any time.

Appear at top of Google

  • Showcase your latest offers, deals and specials on top of page of Google when people search your business.
  • Show multiple offers at different times of the day.
  • Don't loose casual searchers. Consumers search a business on Google before they visit. Don't let them go to a competitor. Show your offers, deals and specials to make them decide to come to you.
This feature is available only on request. Please contact us.

Additional tools


  • Group your Google Locations.
  • Completely control which regions you wish to have your posts appear in.

Marketing calendar

  • Organise all your upcoming offers, deals and specials all in one calendar.
  • Align with your business's calendar.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Brandesto publishes your posts automatically at the date & time you set in your marketing calendar.


  • Assign in advance when you'd like your posts to be published to Google.
  • Use in combination with the Marketing calendar for maximum benefit.

Benefits from using all tools

  • Actively promote your business when people search your shop on Google.
  • Your latest offers, deals and specials appear in multiple places in Google.
  • Present your business the right way for potential customers searching on Google (includes Google Search results, Google Maps, Google business details box, etc.).
  • Persuade potential customers to shop with you when they search your business on Google.

How to get started

It's simple and it's free. Register your business to get started.

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