What's Brandesto?


Brandesto is a free marketing platform for retail businesses. It enhances your online presence. It is powerful in managing your 'Google My Business' entries and 'Google Adwords' ads by displaying latest offers, promoting new product arrivals and updating the online profile of your business.

Who is this for?

Brandesto is for retail businesses, especially those that:

  • are looking for automated online marketing
  • don't have enough time (too busy with day-to-day activities) or are less familiar with online technology
  • are less proficient in online marketing, and need automation
  • wish to promote to existing and new customers
Brandesto makes it easy and simple.


  • Helps retail shops use free technology tools to attract and engage customers
  • Uses offers, deals, new product arrivals and specials to attract and engage customers
  • Increases online presence
  • Keeps customers updated when they browse your Google business profile
  • All these tools are free forever for all retail businesses

Why Brandesto

Brandesto allows you to submit once and publish everywhere. It's free, forever. It's automated so that you can focus on running your other day-to-day business activities. Brandesto helps your business even if you're not fully proficient in marketing and technology. The Brandesto technology tools are designed to run without too much of your time or input.
When consumers search for your business, Brandesto customises your Google Search results. Your latest offers & deals are promoted to top of the search results. These offers & deals are also shown in your Google My Business panel in your locality.

Brandesto Platform and tools

Brandesto provides a set of free tools to help automate marketing your business. The tools work seamlessly and add value to your customer's shopping experience.

See benefits.

Benefits to your customers

Consumers indirectly use Brandesto as they browse your offers, deals and new products while searching on Google and when searching on Google Maps.

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